What we are working on

MS Piłsudski in the VR Theatre

We invite the audience to join us on a multisensory voyage to the wreck of the finest Polish ocean liner MS Piłsudski. Thanks to VR technology we will immerse in the beautiful and mysterious underwater world to be bewitched  with the great art of pantomime theater actors and surrealist elements of the symbolism of the historical message.

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MS Piłsudski - www platform

On the one hundredth anniversary of the regaining of independence by Poland, Concept Culture will initiate an interactive Internet platform devoted to the most outstanding Polish ocean liner MS Piłsudski. The ship will serve as an axis for narration about the history of Polish culture, economy and statehood in the Second Republic of Poland. The platform is available at www.mspilsudski.pl

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Poland in the kaiserpanorama

The mobile kaiserpanorama we have built, the only one in Poland, travels the parks, market squares and promenades, presenting Polish towns and their history of 100 years ago in 3D technology. Our kaiserpanorama will take the vewiers to the unforgotten journey in time to Poland 100 years ago. A different exhibition awaits them in every town. 

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