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​Koncept Kultura (Culture Concept) is a creative perpetual motion machine driven by the energy of a group of creative enthusiasts. For years now, we have been creating projects in the domain of history, literature, art, advanced technologies and museum education.
It is our passion to present historical events with the help of modern, often surprising, forms of communication.

We engage the recipient, we infect him with keen interest in Polish history, culture and tradition. We show what fascinating an adventure the quest for exploring them can be.

- Statute

The people of the Foundation

The Foundation gathers enthusiasts long active in the domain of historical and cultural heritage.

We  are here to fulfill dreams and to jointly carry out interdisciplinary projects which we have always wanted to create. To achieve it, we have joined forces representing a variety of domains (the humanities, education, reenacting, literature, film, plastic arts, photography, IT).

What we bring to the Concept are years of experience in working in museums and other cultural institutions as well as creativity and passion for action which fuel our creative perpetual motion machine.

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The people of the Foundation have long been carrying out various social and cultural projects. We have worked in museums and cultural centers, cooperated with numerous cultural organizations and institutions, which have produced dozens of already completed projects.

We can boast of co-organizing exhibitions, social campaigns, educational workshops, historical enactments, promotional campaigns. We have designed IT applications and portals. We have organized concerts.

We have spent thousands of hours working in project teams. Hence, practically everywhere in Poland, we can find people we have cooperated with, in practically anything, starting from generating ideas, through designing scenarios, organization and  implementation, to the premiere of every event.

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Our successes would not be possible without  the active contribution of Partners to the Concept. They support us with their knowledge, experience as well as assist us in financing our activities.

Every day we prove that cross-sector cooperation within the public-private-social partnership is possible and makes perfect sense.

We work together in carrying out projects and building the image of historical and cultural heritage conserving institutions.

Together, we can do more!

Thank you!

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Fundacja Koncept Kultura | Culture Concept Foundation
Inżynierska 13/15/14 Street, 05-822 Milanówek

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Anna Osiadacz | President of the Foundation     
T: +48 604 285 129

Zygmunt Fit | Vice-President of the Foundation​
T: +48 665 398 349 

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